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Golden Robot Animation is an award winning full service animation production studio in Mumbai. Its backed by Green Gold Animation.(India’s powerhouse leader in kids animation IP). Team GRA has a passion to promote and realize high quality animated content for TV, films, games and digital platforms.

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With a strong legacy in pursuit of success and stability from Green Gold Animation, we plan to cater to the burgeoning global demand for animation content as well as for Green Gold Animation, the creators and producers of India’s popular shows Chhota Bheem and Mighty Raju.

Team GRA at its core has a super talented team who brings in decades of experience in Animation Production . They have been creating stunning visual imagery for International Producers and Broadcasters for TV Series, Films and TV Commercials.

Work. Play. Animate.

The essence of “Work. Play. Animate.” is based on the foundation of artistic excellence and a great working environment for our artists. Combined with cutting edge technology and world class infrastructure which is committed to deliver the best to keep our Clients and our Team happy, we continue to evolve as a One Stop Resource for Studios worldwide seeking Excellence in Visual Content.

Do visit Inside GRA page to know more about our Work Culture.

Green Gold is the first Indian animation company to have successfully monetized its IPs beyond television. It is ranked in the top 150 global licencors with more than 60 product licenses and 40 promotional licenses. Today, there are more than 4000 product School Kids Utilities are available under Chhota Bheem license. Brands like Unilever, ITC, Pepsodent, Del Monte and many others have always banked on Chhota Bheem for the success of their products!

Green Gold has a strong hold on distribution with more than 40 distributors across India. It works closely with all the leading modern retail and e-commerce along with traditional channels. Green Gold also operates 14+ exclusive “Green Gold stores” across India and also has an online store at www.greengoldstore.com