Animation has always been an integral part of the entertainment industry. 

Decades ago, animation started off initially with 2-Dimensional(2D) hand drawn pictures. Back in those days, animators used to draw each frame. For each second of output the artist was required to draw 25 hand drawn pictures. These pictures would be a series of movements to be played in a sequence. This would eventually create an illusion and give the feeling of life and movement in the drawings. It was a very time consuming task which requires great precision.

As time changed and technology started evolving, the type and quality of animation also improved. It paved the way for 3-Dimensional(3D) animation. As a matter of fact, 3D animation, also known as,.Computer Generated Imagery(CGI), has also updated itself exponentially.

A couple of technologies which are looking promising and one can look forward to update themselves are Performance Capture and Real Time Rendering.
(I) Performance Capture

Performance Capture is a technique where the data is recorded through a special suit worn by the actors. This special suit has sensors and markers to capture series of live movements. The data captured is the transmitted to a computer,.where simulation software displays it applied to a virtual actor.

A decade ago, this technique was primarily used.for high budget VFX and animated movies like Lord Of The Rings, Avatar, Planet Of The Apes, Beowulf, Happy Feet,.Adventures Of Tintin, etc. But in today’s world, this technique is not limited to films but facilitates other industries too. TV production, gaming VR, advertising and commercial projects are to name a few. Oh did I mention that this technology has also brought about change in the medical, sports and military applications too.

(II) Real Time Rendering

Real Time Rendering is a process where animation is quickly that it feels to be generated in real time. Actually, this is not a new technology. The gaming industry has been using this technology since a long time now. This is all because of game engines. Over a period of time game engines, like Unreal and Unity, have developed so much that they are able to give film and photo realistic level of output.

Implementing game engines in CGI pipeline can allow us to create real time being saved.when you create your master lit file and give it to animators to work directly on lit file. They’ll take approval directly on lit file showing rendered output.which is created in same amount of time that takes for a playblast. A streamlined process of the same can save lots of traditional render time and back & forth of files.

Indeed the animation industry has changed a lot over the period of time however the life, the emotion and the look and feel which an artist gives to the characters remain irreplaceable in any technology.

The above article is written by Gautam Tiwari, Animation Supervisor, Golden Robot Animation. To read more or to post your views on this topic Click Here