“He who has not Christmas in his heart will never find it under a tree.”

Christmas has always been about happy and warm vibes. Studying in a convent school meant that the Christmas celebrations were deeply ingrained in my childhood memories. Soon I grew up and life happened and slowly celebrating Christmas took a back seat. But our HR team at GRA didn’t feel the same. They had some really AMAZING plans for the season’s celebrations.



The celebrations of Christmas just cannot begin if the Christmas tree is not ready at least a week early! And that’s exactly what we did! Our brilliant admins decorated the trees with the help of some other creative minds beforehand, thus kicking start the festival a week prior.


As per the GRA tradition, the HR team had organised Secret Santa.

Soon the chits containing the names of our ‘Secret Child’ were distributed to us. A game of guessing who was our Secret Santa started quickly. The game continued till the day of celebrations when our gifts were finally distributed to us. Some of us got the names of our own teammates while for some, it was a great opportunity for getting to know new people for other teams. Everyone was so excited for the celebrations on Christmas Eve.

During the celebrations Santa came in to wish everyone greetings of the season and gave away our gifts to us. There was a feeling of love, compassion and joy all around. Our Secret Santas had been really thoughtful and sometimes really extravagant in some cases.


The best part was that no one went home empty-handed on Christmas.

As Pindar has rightly said, “Every gift which is given, even though it be small, is in reality great, if it is given with affection.”

Secret Santa was not the only thing that our enthusiastic HRs had planned. Christmas is a festival of giving and our celebrations would’ve been.incomplete if we had not shared this warmth with the other less fortunate. The GRA family became Santas and gave away warm clothes to the families living on the streets around our office. The happy faces of those kids brightened up our Christmas more than what any gift could’ve done,.after all Christmas is all about the Joy of Giving!

The above article is written by Kanishka Thakkar, Marketing Executive, Golden Robot Animation. To read more articles like this Click Here.
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