We make friends at all stages of our lives – in school, college, neighbourhood, etc. Some stay with us for a long time while some don’t. But out of all kinds of friends, the most underappreciated ones are the ones we find in our colleagues.

For a long time you stick to just being colleagues because its a commonly believed thought that nobody is your friend in office. It’s only when you open up a little about yourself everyday and see them do the same, you realise that you’re definitely more than colleagues.


You spend a very long duration together for 5-6 days every week. They get to know small detail about you, your taste in food, your preference between coffee and tea because they see you more than any of your friends do.

We were supposed to wear colour coordinated clothes with our besties. Our inhouse guitarist dedicated few songs to our friendship.

This year we decided to focus on our besties on office. The theme for this friendship day was twinning with your bestie.

We were also to compete with other groups of best friends in few Bollywood themed games like ‘Guess The Movie’ and ‘The Lip Reading Battle’.

All participants gave their level best. In the end, our Animation Director Abhishek Chandra and CG Supervisor Ritesh Kumar emerged as the winners.

We ended this day by enjoying to the fullest and pledging not to ever each others side!

The above article is written by Kanishka Thakkar, Marketing Executive, Golden Robot Animation. To read more articles like this Click Here.
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