Meet our enthusiastic and persevering team of Golden Robot in the #GoldenFamily Section. Here we’ll be taking you on a tour through our studio and introducing you to the members of the Golden Family as we like to call them. We’ll chat with them and know more about their likes & lives. So lets begin!

This week we are talking with Aditya Raje from the Modeling family. Aditya has recently won the Star Of The Month title for the month of June.

On earning this title, he says, “This was really unexpected. I appreciate & value this compliment very much.”

He shares some more with us about his professional background, “As a child, I had always loved cartoons and how it made me laugh. I was also very fascinated with how things were made so when a career choice was to be made, the decision was almost immediate.”

“When I started training in animation I realized that what I really enjoyed was creating the characters & sets. So I soon moved to modeling. To me, modeling means taking the director’s vision and bringing it to life.”

aditya 1
Inside us Animate 5

“Usually my day at work starts with me taking out some time to clear my mind. In my opinion, it is important to start with a clean and fresh mind to get the best results. Helpful and fun loving team mates of GRA are also majorly responsible for getting such amazing outputs.”

Apart from modeling, Aditya has a passion for cricket and movies. He is also a part of the GRA cricket team. He says, “It makes me proud to be able to play for the GRA cricket team”

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