Meet our enthusiastic and persevering team of Golden Robot in the #GoldenFamily Section. Here we’ll be taking you on a tour through our studio and introducing you to the members of the Golden Family as we like to call them. We’ll chat with them and know more about their likes & lives. So lets begin!

This week we will be chatting with Ekta Pal. Ekta works as an FX artist and was titled as Best Artist for May. “I’m really happy with this title. This is a moment that I’ll cherish for quite a while. I hope to win more of these soon”

“In my college days, I had no knowledge about animation. During vacations, I had joined a three month course of graphics. But later I saw people doing animation and somehow it attracted me. My interest grew and I decided to pursue animation as my career.”

best artist ekta pal

“FX is very different from other departments. In every shot, I have to think dynamically. Imagining what would happen if it rains or if there is a blast or mist or how the water flows and bringing all that together in one scene is what makes it so amazing.”

“Being an FX artist, we keep looking for inspiration and references around us. We have to observe every detail in our surroundings whether its raining or if its smokey. Whenever I get holiday, I love exploring new places, going for long drives. Road trips are my favorite.”

“The setup of GRA is such that it was quite easy for me to sink in the environment. I can approach any team member freely irrespective of designation. There is no sort of arrogance or favoritism in our team. This helps everyone to grow as a team”

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