Meet our enthusiastic and persevering team of Golden Robot in the #GoldenFamily Section. Here we’ll be taking you on a tour through our studio and introducing you to the members of the Golden Family as we like to call them. We’ll chat with them and know more about their likes & lives. So lets begin!

Today we are in conversation with Ashita Mishra. She’s from the animation family. Lets see what inspired her to pursue animation.

“I grew up watching cartoons like Tom and Jerry & Scooby Doo. I was fascinated to know how they were made. Eventually, I realized that I would love to make them some day. So animation just seemed like the next obvious step to me.”

Some Of Ashita’s Artwork

“I treat every day as a new opportunity to do what I love. I plan my day’s task according to the deadline and give my 100% to achieve my personal targets. I’m a fresher still. Golden Robot is my first professional workplace. I feel really lucky to be a part of this family. The best part of being here is that it lives up to its tagline of #WorkPlayAnimate. We work hard but party harder.”

In her free time, Ashita enjoys drawing. She also is very fond of making short stop motion videos.

“It is gratifying to see my superiors acknowledging my contribution to the projects. It inspires me to keep improving it.”

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