Meet our enthusiastic and persevering team of Golden Robot in the #GoldenFamily Section. Here we’ll be taking you on a tour through our studio and introducing you to the members of the Golden Family as we like to call them. We’ll chat with them and know more about their likes & lives. So lets begin!

Today our spotlight is on Manan Parikh from the Lighting family. Lets know more about his journey into animation and lighting. “I pursued Diploma in Animation first. Then started my career as freelance interior designer. I continued that for about 1.5 years but eventually since there was no proper fixed income, I decided to shift back to my core that is animation and joined Golden Robot Animation. I feel that it is a great platform to build my career in right path.”

Manan 1

“Lighting is an important element that creates mood, depth and realism in a scene. I chose to be a lighting artist because there are many things to learn. We get to develop our observation skills and experiment on different render engines. This is the only department where all other departments connect and you get to learn something from each. As lighting artist, it takes a careful eye for detail to creatively manipulate, properly integrate all the characters and objects in the scene to produce a beautifully lit shot.”

When asked about how his day at work is, he says, “The first step is to know your tasks, plan it within the time frame that it has to be done. Assigning tasks according to a person’s skills and capabilities. As a team lead, You will get all you want if you help other people get what they want.

“The best thing is that everyone at GRA works with dedication. We have inspiring mentors and variety of projects. The team at GRA constantly encourages us with recognitions & rewards and fun activities which helps is maintain healthy competition amongst us whilst inspiring us to perform better and improve our skills.”

Manan loves being outdoors, going out with friends, exploring new places. “I enjoy trying out different food joints, long drives, watching movies and playing games. I also cook occasionally and make desserts.”

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