Last week, MAAC Lucknow & MAAC Kanpur hosted an event on Animation & VFX to.encourage the budding Animation & VFX artists, COC – Clash Of Creativity. On this event they had invited our Animation Director,.Abhishek Chandra, as a Special Guest.

COC- CLASH OF CREATIVITY is a Competition wherein the Students had been given.Category-wise Challenge, where they had to submit their work. Basis the Work quality, the Students were nominated for the Awards. Best 3D challenge, Best Visual Effects challenge & Best 2D Short Film were some of the categories.

There were also various other programs like singing, dancing, stand up comedy, etc held for the students. The event saw a crowd of more than 500.

“It is a great initiative by MAAC Lucknow & Kanpur. Such competitions help boost the spirit of the students. Special thanks to Mr Raman Sharma for inviting me.” – Abhishek Chandra (Animation Director, Golden Robot Animation).

After being felicitated, Abhishek also had some tips & industry insight for the students.
The standing ovation and the applause of the crowd when shown Chhota Bheem: Kung Fu Dhamaka trailer really topped it all.

The above article is written by Kanishka Thakkar, Marketing Executive, Golden Robot Animation. To read more articles like this Click Here.
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