A screening of the Award winning short film – ‘Death Of A Father‘ followed by an interactive session with the director ‘Somnath Pal’ marked the kickstart of a brand new initiative at Golden Robot Animation Studio – GRA Bootcamps in which experts from  various Creative and Technical aspects will share their experience to the Golden Robot Team.

Death Of A Father as a short  film portrays how a son tries to cope with the death of his father while doing what is expected of him to do as the son of the deceased. He is left with no other option than to mourn when sleeping with reminiscing the last few days spent with his father before his death.

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It stands amongst 2017’s Best Indian Short Films and was shortlisted for Annecy Film Festival and also recently selected as the Regional Gold Winner from India for 20th TBS Digicon Shorts Festival, Tokyo. Somnath will get a chance to travel to Tokyo and compete with other Asian Country gold winners for the Grand Prize.
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In his interactive session with the GRA team, the director, Somnath Pal explained how the process of making had been so personal and difficult for him. He explored more elements of film making and animation. The idea of this film came to him when his own father died four years back. “The film seems autobiographical, but at the same time it isn’t.” he said. “I’ve tweaked and modified incidents to fit the narrative. It’s more about the emotional aspects of what I went through.” He carried the idea & his experience for four years before approaching Chaitanya Tamhane, the Creative Producer, for the film. Pal and Tamhane along with some more people completed the development stage of the film. The developing itself took around 9 months.

The creative process as well as pipeline in such a detailed and meticulously designed Digital hand drawn film was  very intriguing. Pal explained in detail about how they developed the animation and storyline.

It was a refreshing experience for everyone at Golden Robot. The journey of this film is an inspiration for all of us.  Thanks Somnath and we wish you all the very best in your future endeavors. Looking forward to the next Bootcamp!
The above article is written by Kanishka Thakkar, Marketing Executive, Golden Robot Animation. To read more articles like this Click Here.
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