Over the first month of 2019, we thought of doing something new and exciting for our friends connected with us via Social Media. We planned a contest exclusively for the freshers. The team at GRA understands that theoretical knowledge is not all that one needs when one thinks of stepping into Animation industry. Practical training is of utmost importance. Until and unless a fresher is thorough in both the aspects he may not be able to navigate first few years in this industry.

To help the budding artists in their goals, we offered a 4-month internship program to the winners of GRA Internship Contest.

For this contest, the participants had to prepare a 5-10 seconds animation clip.(5 seconds being the minimum & 10 seconds maximum), keeping in mind the Theme given. They were also supposed to incorporate ‘Golden Element’ in their clip. The Golden Element was an object which had to be included in the clip along with the theme of the contest.

For this contest, the Golden Element was “Cookies”. The participants had to prepare the clip around the theme ’Do you love or hate cookies? Describe it in a funny way’.

The contest ran for 7 days beginning from 14th January 2019. The clip was to be submitted latest by 20th January 2019.

The word of the contest spread like fire and soon our mailboxes were flooded with entries, each better the other. Although we have always known that the young artists had an abundance of talent. After watching all the entries, we were filled with immense pride for the quality of talent that India has.

Due to the request by multiple participants, the deadline was extended will 25th January 2019, Midnight.

Choosing the final winners from the lot had been quite a task,.but in the end we had a the winners. Raj Joshi and Akash Vartak were declared as the winners. They have been awarded with an internship of 4 months at Golden Robot Animation.

We are sure that these interns will turn out to be amazing artists and valuable assets for GRA as well as our country.

This contest has indeed been an amazing experience for us at GRA as well as the participants. Hence we are looking forward to organizing more such contests.with a variety of different prizes for our friends on Social Media.

The above article is written by Kanishka Thakkar, Marketing Executive, Golden Robot Animation. To read more articles like this Click Here.
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