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We are looking for new creative talent to join the force

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If you are a passionate, self driven creative professional and want to work with a highly motivated experienced team which is working towards setting new benchmarks in High Quality Animation for Feature Films and TV Series, then check out our current openings below :

Work closely with the Director/Supervisor to create high standard of animation for broadcast

Key Areas of Responsibility:
Work closely with the Director to create high standard animation for broadcast & film.
Must have strong communication skills and be willing to take notes and direction under tight deadlines.
Will work closely with technical team to troubleshoot and deliver clean files to next department.
Must work well individually as well as a team.

2+ years CG Animation experience Ability to predict potential problems and solve them with assigned tasks.
Thorough knowledge of Maya Knowledge of Drawing, 2D Animation is a bonus Excellent organisational and communication skills

To work with your immediate team on a show to generate cloth effects and general show-related effects as required, including Maya, and/or Yeti, nCloth meet deadlines for delivery.
To work with the different departments (FX, Lighting, Compositing) to ensure a high-quality final look.
To develop new tools for productions as required.

Key Areas of Responsibility:
The ideal candidate should be motivated and well-organized, with the desire to work within a fast-paced team of highly-skilled and experienced artists.
The main focus of the position will be to set up and run hair, fur and cloth simulations for use in stylized feature animated films.
Responsibilities will include research and development of cloth set ups and creating believable cloth simulations for both moving characters and inanimate objects within assigned shot work.
You will also be required to create general show-related effects.

Extensive knowledge of MAYA & n Cloth
Have a good technical and problem solving skills
Skills in animation, rigging is a plus
Have a good knowledge and experience with Hair dynamics

Collaborating with Compositing Supervisor to organise scene set up to satisfy the Directors requirements.

Key Areas of Responsibility:
Collaborating with Compositing Supervisor and lighting team to organise scene set up to satisfy the Directors requirements.
Adding your own creativity to the shots while managing a series of shots across the show and maintaining consistency of the overall show style
Review, troubleshot and improve other team members’ assets, workflows and techniques.
Ensuring the compositing output works effectively with the shot pipeline.

2+ years of Production Experience on International Projects.
Basic knowledge of CG integration with multi-pass EXR & Nuke.
Must be able to communicate in an articulate and positive manner.
Must be able to take direction and translate that into practical solutions for compositing.
Artist should be able to thrive under the pressure of a deadline-driven environment and work as a team player.
Good observation with a keen belief of learning and developing own skills.

Work closely with the Creative Director to create high quality of tradigital FX animation for broadcast.

Key Areas of Responsibility:
Must communicate well and be willing to take notes and direction, under tight deadlines.
Collaborate with Lighting & Compositing team to ensure shots are delivered and meet requirements.
Will be involved with building and utilizing digital assets, rigs, and tools for shot production. Open to keep upgrading and learning to new tools.

Should be well versed in softwares such as Maya, Max, Realflow
Understanding of the Compositing process using Nuke.
Understanding of natural phenomena and physical dynamics.
Basic Knowledge of scripting in MEL, Python, VFX is an asset.
Knowledge of composition and artistic timing.
Able to multitask and manage time efficiently.
Able to take direction, collaborate, and be a team player
Task driven, self-motivated and problem solver.
Must demonstrate attention to detail in the finishing of assets and shots
Must have at least 2 years’ experience working as an FX Animator (or similar position) in either broadcast or feature film work
Experience with cloth, fur & hair and crowds is a plus.

To work with Lighting/Compositing Lead to establish lighting direction on individual shots in a CG show.

Key Area Of Responsibility:
To work with Lighting/Compositing Lead to establish lighting direction on individual shots in a CG show.
Setup location and character lighting for individual shots in a CG show.
Also able to do lookdev of environment and character to match the show’s needs. Good understanding of following colorkeys and lighting keys as per the requirment of the show.Good knowledge of shaders is must.

Must have 3 years’ experience working as a lighter in either broadcast or feature film work.
Must have a thorough understanding of Maya, Mental Ray, Arnold , Nuke.. Renderman is a plus .
Must have a keen eye and a thorough understanding of light, color, contrast, shading, and lighting design.
Must keep close attention to detail in finishing of assets and shots.
Should be a team player and able to work in team.
Able to work in pressure and short deadline.

Supervising and controlling the rendering process (converting computer data and outputting it as a sequence of viewable images) and managing the render farm

Key Area Of Responsibility:
Be responsible for monitoring the render farm, whether that means just a few computers or hundreds.
The data submitted by artists and from other departments must be managed and prioritized in order of importance by the render wrangler and assigned to particular computers for rendering.
Must manage materials as they come and go, name files when necessary, allocate them to the appropriate space on the server, and process them for transport to other facilities.
Must also be vigilant of the file space on the server and make sure that old or outdated renders are deleted and there remains enough space to continue working; backing up and restoring files is also a common task.
Must ensure that the render process runs smoothly and is free of technical or other issues that may cause delays.
If a problem is discovered, it is the responsibility of the render wrangler write a report on the issue and deliver recommendations to the artist or appropriate party.
Because render wranglers have to move a number of files, knowledge of scripting can come in handy.

Have a high degree of computer literacy
Have knowledge of at least one of the relevant, industry-standard 3D packages (eg. Maya or 3D Studio Max).
Be able to learn new software quickly, and learn on the job, if necessary.
Have strong analysis and problem-solving skills.
Be able to manage and prioritise your own time and workload.
Be able to record information accurately and produce reports.
Have good team-working skills.
Have experience in scripting, ideally, be able to take direction and work with minimal supervision.
Be able to deliver on schedule, working calmly and efficiently under pressure.
Show respect for the procedures and requirements of a particular studio, production or pipeline.
Have knowledge of the requirements of the relevant health and safety legislation and procedures

Collaborating with the Modeling Supervisor to satisfy show’s requirements

Key Areas of Responsibility:
Collaborating with the Modeling Supervisor and creating stunning enviroments, organizing and managing assets.
3D Asset Creation from Cityscapes to Landscapes to Character.

Must have a thorough understanding of Maya and Zbrush.
Work with Modeling Team to establish the required Knowledge required though not essential.
Good observation with a Knowledge required though not essential.
Good observation with a keen belief of learning and developing own skills.
Should be able to thrive under the pressure of a deadline-driven environment and work as a team player.
Should have minimum of 2+ Years of Production Experience on International Projects.

Working closely with their Production Supervisor, Department Head and Artists in the department(s) they are assigned, to help keep the department(s) running smoothly.

Key Areas of Responsibility:
To handle the entire gamut of administrative activities including Management, Coordination, etc.
To maintain complete details about project employees like personal details, attendance, leave particulars, planning schedule and manpower for the project
To maintain full details of the project along with maintaining communication with the client regarding input delivery, schedules, output delivery and other issues.
To prepare Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly Reports necessary for Administration and maintain and update client databases like feedback reports.
To co-ordinate with the creative team involved with all the departments and the technical teams for proper quality check of the deliveries.
To plan inputs for the next upcoming episodes in co-ordination with all the departments.
To work closely with the digital artists to ensure that productions remain on schedule.
To co-ordinate with the System Administration teams regarding the storage and the network.
Act as a point of coordination of work that enters and leaves the department ensuring procedures are followed to ensure workflow from one department to the next is as seamless as possible.
Communicates with other departments regarding department needs.
Proactively respond to requests for information and assistance from those within and outside of the department.

One years of practical experience, preferably as a Production Coordinator in feature-animation film production or VFX production.
Bachelor’s degree in film, art, communications or related field.
Strong work ethic
Positive attitude and effective interpersonal skills
Ability to take direction positively, work well within a team and thrive under the pressure of tight deadlines
Candidates should be well organized, highly self-motivated individuals who function well in fast-paced, frenetic production-based environment.
Willingness to take initiative and resolve problems
Great attention to detail
Ability to work well both independently and as part of a team
Excellent written, verbal and interpersonal communication skills.
Professional working knowledge of Google Spreadsheets, Microsoft Outlook, Excel and Word.
Experience with production tracking software is a plus (for example, Shotgun)

The technical artist must have a firm understanding of art and animation pipelines, and be able to quickly learn proprietary software tools.
Proficiency with rigging skeletal systems, art optimization, modeling, and texturing is required.
This position demands a talented artist who also enjoys and excels at technical tasks. Some knowledge of C, C++, Python is beneficial, but not a necessity.
You must be detail-oriented, capable of communicating with developers at all levels, and able to work efficiently with little supervision.

Key Areas of Responsibility:
Completed art assets such as character art or environment background are delivered to the technical artist,
who is tasked with optimizing the art to ensure that the digital files run efficiently within the memory and load speeds of the engine and console,
and that the designs still maintain the high standard of visual quality. This includes shader and lighting optimization, and technical artists may be asked to develop in-house shading tools.
Particular attention is paid to file size, polygon count, and how those variables affect render time.
The technical artist is also responsible for preparing and/or designing character systems like skeletons, cloths, effect emitters, and ragdoll collision.
He or she collaborates with the environment artist and physics programmer to optimize environments and establish physics barriers. When art is ready, the technical artist ports the assets to the game engine.
It is his or her job to monitor the performance of the assets within the engine and set standards for workflow through the production pipeline.
If the technical art director outlines the specific standards, the technical artist enforces those policies.
Additional duties may include developing tools and scripts for the art department and cooperating with staff to solve complex visual asset problems.

Must be good problem-solvers.
Identify the problem, including how the problem might intersect with multiple disciplines, what the intended results are, and how the solution will help reduce the complexity of the task.
Plan possible solutions. Review them with the Lead Technical Artist and the Lead in the affected discipline (Art Director, Lead UI Artist, Lead Animator, Lead Environment Artist, etc.).
Develop the solution, with an eye to fitting the solution into the current pipeline, reducing the complexity of the artists’ tasks, and producing an elegant easy-to-maintain solution (time permitting).
Test the solution with the Leads. Solicit feedback and revise as needed. The solution cannot be released to the team until the Leads sign off.
Roll out the finished solution to the team, providing instruction as needed.

Creating textures with a high level of realism and fit the requirements of the model pipeline and shading set up.

Key Areas of Responsibility:
Creating textures and shaders as the show requirement.
Must have a good knowledge of shading networks and should able to create simple as well as complex shading networks as per the show requirement.
Must work closely with the other members of the team.
Must learn some of our in house systems and become fluent in their use, as well as learn other off the shelf packages as required.
Images may need to be created from scratch, but it is more likely that the artist will need to make use of extensive reference photography as source material.
May also need to source their work from a variety of other visual resources (paintings, reference books, architecture).

Must have a good knowledge of Maya and Mari, Photoshop.
Ability to take direction and willingness to address comments and make changes.
Must have a good understanding of UV mapping.
A thorough understanding of Materials and Shaders.
A good sense of Observation related to Live objects.
Thorough QC.
Knowledge in Optimization of texture resolutions & smartness on its usage.

Working with modeling and animation departments to facilitate articulate realistic appealing characters.

Key Areas of Responsibility:
Creating and developing fast elegant character rigs using Maya and proprietary tools.
Working with modeling and animation departments to facilitate articulate realistic appealing characters.
Integration of characters and rigs into the production pipeline.
Creating User Interfaces and tools to assist animators.
Working in partnership with R&D programmers, Animators, and Lighting TDs to ensure shots are delivered to the very highest standard.
Providing support to character rigs throughout production.
Developing long-term strategies to automate character production.

Must have an excellent working knowledge of Autodesk Maya.
MEL and Python programming essential.
Maya API C++ programming also a plus.
Solid time and project management skills.
Accessibility and willingness to collaborate is a must.
Thorough understanding of techniques and technologies relating to character rigging and animation comprehension of core principles relating to rigging.
Excellent understanding of anatomy, structure, dynamics and character motion.


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